Can I pay with paypal

If you need to pay with Paypal, please contact us by our email.

Can I use LiFe battery for the turbine?

LiFe batteries are not recommended in our turbine due to their low discharge capacity.

How much minimum discharge should the turbine battery have?

The minimum recommended discharge is 25c.

Should I put the Festo filter in the fuel line?

If you have installed an UAT with a filter is not necessary. Otherwise you need to put it between UAT and fuel pump.

What does XBL mean?

“XBL” means full brushless, that is, brushless pump and starter. 

What does TS mean?

“TS” means twin spark. Is the engines with double igniter like M166, M210 and M250. 

I can increase the R.P.M. maximum or decrease minimum R.P.M?

No. Our software offers you the possibility of increasing the R.P.M. minimum or decrease the R.P.M. maximums.